HANDMADE is the Nordic Culture Fund's theme programme 2016–2018. Applications are welcome from projects that explore the theme from a variety of angles and as part of which the participants, and the artistic scenes in which they operate, would benefit from working with partners in several Nordic countries.

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  • based on production by hand
  • internationalisation
  • development and communication


You can apply for an OPSTART grant for the start-up phase of your HANDMADE-project or go to project funding directly.

Application deadlines 2018

OPSTART accepts applications at any time. You receive a response within 20 work days. 


Project Funding: Three annual deadlines. Response seven weeks after the deadline:

• 1 Feb, 23:59 

• 2 May, 23:59 

• 1 Oct, 23:59 

(Danish time, UTC + 1)

Ready to apply?

  • Read about the HANDMADE theme programme
  • Select the right funding for your HANDMADE project: OPSTART or project funding
  • Check the assessment criteria
  • Ensure the application is sent before the deadline