Bild Från Johna Hansen

Photo: Yuko Yokota & Johna Hansen

About the project:
The project will create a new joint work between Yuko Yokota (JP) and Johna Hansen (DK) for the Nakanojo Biennial 2021 in Japan. In 2015, they got to know each other in Yamanashi and in 2017, they made a joint work in Denmark, which was exhibited in 2018. The artists are planning to work together again this time in Japan. The theme in the project is about bending of time and space that happens when the artists meet through Skype. The place where day and night coexist.

The artists want to do more projects together and they aim to find new methods to collaborate without always being physically in the same place.

Relevance for Globus Opstart:
The theme of the project is highly relevant, especially now that digital meetings have been given a completely new function in our everyday lives. The project seeks ways to collaborate globally despite the challenges caused by the global pandemic. Furthermore, the project aims to develop collaboration between the young artists.