Suzanna O Zeljko OF Nov 2020

Photo: Sascha Kajic

About the project:
The project reflects on the consequences of the Balkan War by sharing life stories of performing artists from the Nordic countries who in various ways share memories of migration from the former Yugoslavia. It aims to make life stories visible and to counteract nationalist ideas that are growing in the Balkans.

The project will be a relevant voice that addresses important reflections on the present that are created in conversations between northern and southern Europe. It seeks to shed light on the emotional experiences of migration, with a particular focus on women's experiences of war, conflict and flight, which are often overlooked in the writing of history. By telling personal stories, it strengthens an individual's existence in society, and also gives expression to opposing stereotypes and ethnically based groups in society.

Relevance for Globus Opstart:
The project works with a relevant theme. The project wants to change simplified and narrow images of the Balkans and it aims to counteract cultural contradictions between ethnic groups.