Traces Of A Social Life

About the project:
The project aims to promote international collaborations with Nordic design values and sustainability as a focal point. The project will build a bridge between crafts, fashion, textiles and photography.

The project sees art and design from a global perspective by finding ways to work across national borders. The project aims to promote the environmental debate that is relevant in the Nordic region by contributing to creating awareness around this area. In practice, the two Nordic collaborators will focus on developing textiles from Faroese sheep wool which normally would be wasted. The material will thus be incorporated into fashion and craftwork, where sustainable production is taken into account.

Globus Opstart will support the research phase in the collaboration between Ragnhild Hjalmarsdóttir Højgaard (DK) and GRØNKJÆR studio (US).

Relevance for Globus Opstart:
The project aims to develop new sustainable ways to use textile material which otherwise would be thrown away. The fund finds it relevant support the research phase in the project which aims to expand the Nordic relevance to global contexts.