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About the project:
The climate crisis urges us to imagine radically different economic systems. To tackle climate change, it might be necessary to question current economic models in depth. Therefore, by utilising sci-fi and cli-fi art, the project aims to provide world leaders and the public with a concept of a new imaginary and alternative world. 

The project consists of two elements. One is the explicit focus on economics, and a structured attempt to mobilize the scientific community towards it. The other is an open-source collaborative methodology that invites and channels public participation via online tools. As a result, an idea of a new utopian world is constructed that differs from the one we are living in at the moment but which still is believable in behaviour, dynamics and institutions.

Globus Opstart contributes to the development phase in the project by supporting open seminars and travelling costs for the central collaborators and actors.

Relevance for Globus Opstart:
The project has a utopian but still very interesting idea that is innovative and relevant for the present time. It aims to build up deep relationships and reach global contexts by working with artists and cultural actors outside the Nordic regions. It has the potential of creating new shared values for the future.