Rotulama Logo Vectorized Pink NK 01

About the project:
The project interacts with small businesses on the brink of gentrification. Based on collaborative work, it seeks to establish a relationship with the shop-owners to revitalize their shop's visual identity and help them thrive. The creative process and results will be used to produce site-specific artworks, tell their stories, and incite a positive influence on the community. There will be one collaboration in Helsinki, Finland, and one in Campeche, in the south of Mexico.

Relevance for Globus Opstart:
This project is timely and innovative because it tackles global issues through a local and personal method. The project will be implemented in Finland and Mexico; two contexts that are geographically, economically, and politically distanced from one another. The idea is to find creative solutions based on fruitful interactions, and share these stories with a global audience.