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Photo: Tale Hendnes

About the project:
The Norwegian choreographer Mia Habib has for the past years been working on the project, How to die – Inopiné a transdisciplinary investigation, developed between Umeå and Oslo, about ecological grief, cultural panic, and a feeling of collapse.

In the Globus Opstart project, the work will be developed further by engaging five dance artists in Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, France and the USA. Instead of working together in the same place, a score is sent to each artist so they can make their adaptation of the work in close interaction with their local communities. The working period will be ended by a local public showing of the solo in each location. All solos will be shown together in 2022 followed by a tour.  

Relevance for Globus Opstart:
The structure and methods of the project are innovative and meet the criteria for Globus Opstart. The premiere of the original project in Oslo in March was cancelled due to corona, and it is impressive to see how the choreographer adapts to this and develops the work further in a new situation, with equally high quality.