Daf 2

About the project:
The camp will be held in Aarhus during August 2021 and culminates in performances and work showings during Aarhus Festuge. GG has two central target groups: Danish art students and young local citizens and artists from environments with other ethnic origins than Danish. GG is a meeting place for exchange and learning between the art students and the local project participants and works with a special focus on music, dance and drama.

With artistic co-creation in focus, Glomus Glocal wants to explore how global cultures can meet and exchange in a “glocal” context. The project focuses on a diverse ethnic representation in the artistic expressions and will at the same time involve actors from a diverse socio-economic background.

The higher art educations are challenged on questions of representation and diversity. Both when it comes to admission of students to the programs and in relation to the teaching staff. These are issues that concern the students, and which the Nordic institutions want to address and change. Glomus Glocal does not seek to solve this complex structural problem but can be considered as one of several necessary platforms that can create breadth in the growth layer and knowledge of art educations. In the long run, the ambition is to strengthen cultural representation and diversity, not just under the auspices of art schools, but throughout the cultural Nordic region.

Relevance for Globus Opstart:
The project is contributing to the relevant debate on the role of diversity and multicultural representation in higher art education in the Nordic countries. The fund sees the project to be highly relevant when it aims to develop global networks.