Bild Från Radoslav Istok

About the project:
The project focuses on the effects of modernisation schemes, specifically, hydropower dams, on destruction/salvation of heritage, displacement of indigenous peoples, and environmental impact. The relation between hydropower, heritage, indigenous communities and the environment is a concern shared not only in the past but also in the present and crucial for the imaginaries of a sustainable future.

The project aims to balance a local and global perspective by focusing on concrete historical events, landscapes and communities. Based on museum collections, archives and academic research, the project aims to explore the links and parallels between Sápmi and Nubia, as two main sites of the research. The result will be contemporary art exhibitions and public programmes in Sweden, Norway, Egypt, Sudan and Jordan, and a publication.

Relevance for Globus Opstart:
The project aims to explore and build connections between the Sápmi (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia) and Nubia (Egypt and Sudan) regions, both extending over several nations. The project is anchored in both regions and addresses relevant topics such as displacement and impact on Indigenous people, archeological excavations and environmental issues in Scandinavia, Sudan, Egypt, and beyond. The fund sees that the project cannot be implemented in the Nordic region alone.