Globus Opstart

Deadlines and response

In 2023 you can apply for Globus Opstart followingly:

  • 9 January – 26 May
  • 7 August – 17 November


You will get a response to your application within 20 workdays.

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Globus Opstart

Globus Opstart is a funding programme within the fund's overall Globus initiative.


Globus Opstart supports the establishment and research phases in mutual global collaborations and projects involving artists and cultural practitioners from the Nordic region and other parts of the world.


There is an ongoing application deadline, and you can apply for max. DKK 50,000. There is no requirement for co-financing of Globus Opstart.



The programme focuses in particular on projects that operate with an exploratory approach in building collaborations and seeking new knowledge in order to develop and strengthen their practice in a global framework.


We encourage applicants therefore to think new in terms of idea, theme as well as networking and collaboration. And we encourage applicants with the projects to investigate and establish clear structures and project organizations, which can lead to the formation of global networks, characterized by deep relations and duration.


We welcome projects that work with both the Global South and the Global North. The projects can both include physical meetings and/or be developed by using digital platforms and tools.


The projects must be clearly linked to artistic and/or cultural environments. The Nordic Culture Fund does not fund projects that focus primarily on, for example, sporting events, business development, technological development and innovation, the social area, journalism or social science.

When assessing applications

  • The project must have a Nordic anchoring but must not be able to be developed in the Nordic region alone. Support from the fund is dependent on binding participation and contributions from artists and cultural practitioners who are working outside the Nordic Region. We also look at how the project’s cooperation is reflected in the budget.
  • We look at how the project works with an exploratory approach in building collaborations, seeking out new knowledge and qualifications and thereby developing their practice in a global framework.
  • We look at how the project thinks new in terms of idea, theme and in relation to the establishment of networks and collaboration and artistic development.

The practical

  • The processing time for Globus Opstart is 20 working days, and the project must not be commenced before you receive a response to your application. You may therefore only select dates that are at least 20 business days after today’s date. Your Globus Opstart project must be completed within one year of the start date.
  • You can apply for max. DKK 50,000. Fees may comprise 80% (though no more than DKK 30,000) of the applied Globus Opstart grant.
  • There is no requirement for co-financing, but there must be a clear purpose for the project's use of support. The budget in the application must be detailed and, for example, specify travel, the travellers, visa and what materials are needed.
  • Projects that are assessed to be able to be developed within the fund's Project Funding and Opstart programmes cannot, in principle, obtain support from Globus Opstart.
  • The cooperation between the participating actors must be reflected in the project budget.
  • If your Globus Opstart application is rejected, you may develop the project and re-apply one more time.
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Terms and conditions


As Globus Opstart is part of the development of the Nordic Culture Fund’s global program, we wish that the applicant shares knowledge and learning with the fund. With this, we want to investigate how global collaboration takes place and can be developed between artists and cultural practitioners from the Nordic countries and the rest of the world.


You can contact us via email or on My Page.

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Terms for applications

According to the Nordic Culture Fund’s rules on public access to information a list of applications is in the public domain, but the applications are not.


All grants are published on the Culture Fund’s website and the annual reports.


The Fund only receives electronic applications. Your online application must be submitted via the electronic form found here. Applications submitted per. mail or e-mail are considered invalid.


The Fund reserves the right not to allocate the full amount requested.

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Terms for approved applications

You must comply with the following rules if your project has been awarded a grant:


Changes in the project:

The grant must be used for the purposes described in the application. Significant changes in your project, in relation to the application submitted, must be approved in advance by the Fund. Significant changes are those, for example, that relate to:

  • the participating countries
  • the project partners
  • the duration of the project


You should also contact the Fund if you pass formal responsibility for the project to any other party or parties, and if the project manager is replaced.


Grant payment:

You need to request the payment on My Page once you have received a positive response from us. The whole grant will be paid in a single instalment. It may take up to 10 working days before the money reaches your account.


Crediting the Nordic Culture Fund:

Be sure to credit the Nordic Culture Fund and use the fund's logo, Globus Opstart logo and #NordiskKulturfond when publicising and presenting your project. The logo and more information on how to mention the Fund can be found on the Nordic Culture Fund's web page.


Project results and final report:

Within three months from the end of the Globus Opstart project, you must account for the project’s outcomes, future perspectives and the project's economy using a report form on My Page. As part of this process, you add a declaration that you used the funds for the purpose specified in the application. The end date is the date you have given in the application.


Reimbursement requirement:

If the grant is used for purposes other than those described in the application, the Fund may reduce the amount or require that the full amount is repaid. The Fund can also claim back the grant if it hasn't received the final report in the given time.


If any money is left over, the Fund has the right to claim its share of the surplus. The Fund's share of any surplus will correspond to its share of overall project funding.


If the money is not repaid, the case will be put in the hands of a debt collection Agency.


Random spot checks:

Each year, a number of Globus Opstart recipients are selected for random spot checks – so remember to keep all your accounts!

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