Globus Call

The Nordic Culture Fund’s new programme Globus Call aims to encourage artists and cultural actors to engage in wide transnational collaborations and long-term networks that extend beyond the Nordic region. The ambition is to meet the increasing need for artists to act across borders and to foster genuine exchange in complex and rapidly changing global environments. Funding within the Globus Call programme can be applied for through annual calls. The first Call ran from the 6th of June until the 3rd of October 2022. Dates for the next application round will be announced in early spring 2023.

Globus: transcending cultural, geographical and disciplinary boundaries

Strengthening and maintaining the transnational character of art and culture is more important than ever but also requires new and more nuanced approaches in an increasingly turbulent and unstable world. Rising inequalities, geopolitical conflicts and the escalating climate crisis are among the overarching challenges shaping global interaction. These trends directly impact the arts and the cultural sector, challenging but also offering the arts and culture the opportunity to take on a transformative role, to see beyond established categories and to create and maintain connections across diverse contexts.


The Globus programme will support artistic and cultural collaborations and projects that aim in their practice to transcend cultural, social, historical, geographical and disciplinary boundaries. The programme hereby encourages the building of cross-cutting collaborations and networks, which seek new perspectives through transcultural and local exchange and develop dialogue across different contexts. The programme is open to projects that work experimentally in its approaches and methods, and strive to explore interactions between the local and the global. The intention is to meet artists where they are and support them with trust and willingness to take risks.


Projects must be grounded in artistic and/or cultural practices but are welcome to include other professional fields and traditions.

Grants up to DKK 700.000 (USD 98.000) can be applied for and awarded through the programme.



Through Globus the fund wants to unfold a more spacious and inclusive understanding of relevance in a Nordic context. Here the Nordic is not defined as a collaboration between nation states but as a notion or context that transcends borders and whose content and relevance might be explored and developed through artistic and cultural encounters within and around the world.


The project should have a clear link and/or relation to the Nordic region in terms of partners, themes or activities, but must not be able to be developed in the Nordic Region alone. Projects operating in the Nordic Region exclusively will not be eligible for support. Unlike the fund's other programmes Project Funding and Opstart, there is no criteria for collaboration between the Nordic countries.

Nordic relevance through network and exchange

The Fund will facilitate a network and dialogue between all the selected projects in the programme. This includes the development of structures and online forums to enable exchange and knowledge sharing across the involved actors as well as between the individual projects and the Fund.

Through this network, the Fund aims to explore how a new type of Nordic relevance can emerge and be developed in collaboration with projects.​


Applicants located both in the Global South and Global North can apply. The applicants may be individuals, groups, associations, companies, public or private sector organisations, or institutions. Applications are submitted through the Fund’s digital platform My Page.

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Since September 2020 it has been possible to apply for Globus funding through the sub-programme Globus Opstart. Read more about projects funded by Globus Opstart to form an idea of the scope and aims of the programme.

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Funding principles

Projects will be assessed upon the following principles, which reflect the overall aims of the Globus programme:

Exploring global practice

Understood as the ambition of the project, and means to:

  • develop collaborations that transcend bounded categories between countries and disciplines
  • address themes/approaches which require long-term development
  • orientate towards, or draw from specific local practices and contexts while acknowledging their entanglements with their wider surroundings on a local, regional, global or planetary scale.

Curiosity towards the unknown

Seen as the ways in which the project:

  • demonstrate a tangible idea and vision for the overall project
  • possess an ambition to observe from alternative positions and points of view
  • operate with exploratory/research based approaches in their artistic development, to acquire knowledge, build collaborations and nuance the work to changing environments

Mutual commitment & engagement

The aims and means of the applicant to:

  • form strong collaborations and networks based on mutual commitment and engagement among partners
  • develop or facilitate clear and sustainable structures and project organizations which enable and depend on the specific qualifications of the involved partners. Priority will be given to projects which can demonstrate a concrete aim for long-term effects that go beyond the grant period.

Application process and conditions

The applicants may be individuals, groups, associations, companies, public or private sector organisations, or institutions. Applications are submitted through the Fund’s digital platform My Page.


The first application round closed 3 October 2022. After the Call the Fund can initiate a dialogue with selected projects and applicants before a final decision is made. The final selection of projects to be granted funding is expected to be announced in December 2022.

The dates for the next Globus Call in 2023 will be announced in early spring 2023.





- Applications can be submitted through the Fund’s digital platform My Page during the application period. All applications must be submitted in English. Applications submitted by post or e-mail will be not be considered. It is obligatory to attach a budget stating the overall expenses and expected income in the project.


- Grants up to DKK 700.000 (USD 98.000) can be applied for and awarded through the programme. The amount should be matched with a relevant co-financing or other resources to the extent possible. There must be a clear purpose for the project's use of the funding.


- The maximum grant period is two calendar years following the year in which the grant was provided. The grant period is the period during which the activities funded by Nordic Culture Fund are planned to take place. The project’s aims may extend over a longer time frame.


- Projects that meet the assessment criteria of the Fund's other programmes ‘Project Funding’ and ‘Opstart’ cannot, in principle, obtain support from Globus. For example, projects that primarily focus on activities or the development of collaboration within the Nordic Region. Read more about the other programmes here.


- Granted projects are expected to participate in network meetings and knowledge sharing sessions during the grant period.

- The Fund’s grants are published on our website and in our annual report. According to the Nordic Culture Fund’s rules on public access to information, a list of applications is in the public domain, but the applications are not.


- The Fund's general rules on crediting, payment, final reporting and accounting apply to the Globus grant. Read more here.


With Globus, we are writing a new chapter in our history

Globus is the Nordic Culture Fund's thematic funding initiative 2020-2024, designed to give artists and cultural players new opportunities to seek funding for projects that extend beyond the Nordic region.


With Globus, the Fund intends to meet artists where they are, support them with trust and with willingness to take risks, thereby making room for global perspectives and expanding perspectives on Nordic art and culture.


Unlike the fund's other programmes such as Project Funding and Opstart, there is no criterion for regional co-operation in the programme. On the contrary, we aim to support projects that cannot be implemented in the Nordic region alone.


In this way, we intend to stimulate projects that use art and creativity as a catalyst for conversations with the younger generations and the new citizens of the Nordic countries; projects that will help to develop the public space, creating new communities that can rise above the languages and differences that separate us, and causing new things to arise in our common democracy.


We view the global as borderless - the world as a united whole.

The international is defined by the borders between nations, so its scale is narrower than the global, as is implied by the word itself: inter-national.

Global We will create global relevance for the Nordic co-operation.

International We will participate in international networks.

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New funding programme in 2022

In the first two years of the programme 2020-2021, Globus has included the sub-programme Globus Opstart and selected pilot projects. In June 2022, the programme was expanded with a new perennial funding programme, based on experiences and knowledge gained in the first phase of the programme.


The purpose of the multi-track model is to ensure an exploratory and cross-cutting approach with relevant perspectives and diverse expressions.

Globus Opstart

With the sub-programme Globus Opstart we have taken the first exploratory steps towards launching Globus as a larger open funding programme. Globus Opstarts supports the establishment and research phases in mutual global collaborations and projects involving artists and cultural practitioners from the Nordic region and other parts of the world. 

Pilot projects and global partnerships

In the first phase of the programme in 2020-2021, the fund has initiated specific pilot projects and established partnerships with actors in and outside the Nordic region. In these projects, we work with a number of different partners, which help to ensure a broader funding and a long-term focus. The projects are based on and aim for long-term collaboration and networking, which supports the concept of establishing a global focus with long, sustainable collaborations.


On our website you can read more about the following projects:


Research and documentation of young artists' global practices – collaboration with Talent Norway 2020-2021

The project has investigated what it takes for younger talented artists to realize their dream projects based on global collaboration.


Arts & Health Collective – collaboration with WHO

The project brings together academics, artists, cultural institutions, healthcare professionals and decision-makers from several different countries in exploring effective and sustainable strategies to integrate art and culture broadly into the healthcare sector.


Critical Voices - co-operation with UNESCO

The project seeks to strengthen the dialogue on the diversity of cultural forms of expression and the diverse role of cultural policy in the world.