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The Nordic region has a rich and extensive cultural life in development and change. Cultural, artistic and creative sectors have, in recent years, become increasingly important for local and regional development in the Nordic countries. This has led to a growing responsibility for the development of the cultural infrastructure at regional and local level.

All the radical changes and developments leads to new challenges and opportunities that require reflection and analysis. Therefore, the Nordic Culture Fund has summoned to a strategy meeting where, among other things, the following will be discussed: What happens when society and the region move from one structure to another – How can we understand the role of the culture and art, and how can the Nordic Culture Fund make a difference?

Participants at the strategy meeting are the board of the Fund, experts, the secretariat and key persons from the cultural sector.

The meeting is based on four topics:

  1. The meaning of culture – art, culture and social communities
  2. Anchoring art and culture policy
  3. The World in the Nordic region & the Nordic region in the World
  4. The local and regional perspective

The analysis and challenges of the work meeting will form the basis for the Fund’s forthcoming three-year strategy and business plan 2019-21, as well as the formulation of the Fund’s superior priorities.