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The day-to-day running of the Fund and contact with applicants and grant recipients is undertaken by the secretariat in Copenhagen. The staff speak the following languages ​​and has the following responsibilities:

Benny Marcel, Director

Swedish/Scandinavian and English

Eline Sigfusson, Senior Advisor, Vice Director

Danish/Scandinavian and English

Music and opera

Nina Leppänen, Senior Advisor

Finnish/skandinavian, english

Architecture, craft, design, visual arts, museums, cultural heritage, cross-cultural projects, HANDMADE and OPSTART

Søren Staun, Advisor - on parental leave

Danish/Scandinavian and English

Literature, performing arts, film and puls

Anni Syrjäläinen, Advisor / Web Editor

Danish/Scandinavian, Finnish, English

Music and opera

Jenni Kiiskinen, Secretariat Co-ordinator

Swedish/Scandinavian, Finnish, English

Diversity and inclusion and general guidance to applicants.

Katrine Balle Hvidberg, Student Assistant

Danish/scandinavian and english