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DIGITAL 2015-16

The Nordic Culture Fund has earmarked DKK 3 million for the Nordic Cultural Event of the Year, DIGITAL 2015–2016, which will highlight developments in digital art and culture in the Nordic countries.
“We have many talented digital artists in the Nordic Region. The Nordic Culture Fund wants to help them develop together and reach audiences across the Region with one big project. We are looking forward to see who will be inspired by this unique opportunity to apply to the Fund’s special pool for the Cultural Event of the Year,” says Karen Bue, director of the Fund.

One project takes all
The Fund will provide a grant of DKK 3 million to a Nordic partnership that uses digital tools to create, produce and publicise art and culture. Only one project will be selected as the Nordic Cultural Event of the Year, DIGITAL 2015–2016. Anyone could apply.
A committee of Nordic experts and the board of the Culture Fund, will assess the applications in spring 2014. The selected project will be announced on 3 June 2014.

See a list of all applications received for DIGITAL 2015-16

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Senior Advisor Maria Tsakiris: +45 3396 0244, 

The Nordic Culture Event of the Year

The Fund attaches importance to the project being culturally and artistically innovative, with a focus on interactive and communicative elements.

It is also important that the project presents innovative experiences in terms of both artistic content and technology. It is essential that it involves partners from at least three Nordic countries.

Senior advisor Maria Tsakiris